Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many members are in the Club?

We currently have 70n Club members (this fluctuates with the end and start of new memberships) and 5 Club racehorses.

Is there a limit on how many member we take on?

Yes, at this stage we will not take more than 160 members unless we increase the amount of horses in training.

How much does it cost to joint the club ?

Olly Murphy Racing Club membership lasts 12 months from the day you join and costs an ALL IN price of £550.00.

You can pay in one amount, quarterly or 12 monthly instalments via PayPal or standing order / bank transfer.

You can join the club by clicking here >> 

What’s the procedure with prize money?

Olly MurphyRacing Club will run a prize money dividend period every 12 months

The club prize money will be calculated on 30th Novembe each calendar year and distributed amongst current qualifying members.

 The amount will be calculated on a monthly basis to enable the administrators to fairly proportion the monies according to the members membership period.

 To qualify for prize money you must be a member for at least 6 consecutive months during the dividend period which ensures members joining late in the year don’t have to play catch up with fees, nor do they dilute the input of long standing members. All membership fees must be up to date at the time of distribution.

Prize Money dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to Weatherbys deductions of entry/declaration/jockey/registrations fees.

The club reserves the right to use the monies to purchase new horses for club ownership after which if the horse purchased by the club is sold then the sale monies will be returned to the club funds for re investment or member distribution.

The Oliver Murphy Racing Club opened with a balance of £1,000 provided by Oliver Murphy Racing Ltd and is not subject to the members dividend and therefore will remain in the club account at all times to cover racing costs.


How much does it cost to run a horse?

Costs can vary hugely depending on where a horse runs and in what type of race for example a standard race costs in the region of £60 to enter, then a further £20 to run however Graded and Group race entries and decs run into thousands of euro! Then there is a jockey fee of approx. €160 and if the horse picks up prize money a percentage is automatically deducted for both the trainer and the jockey. Money earned is also subject to other deductions such as riders insurance schemes. On average the total cost to run a horse would be nearing £400. Transport to the races, staff expenses and veterinary fees are also payable but Olly does not charge the Club any of those three extras.

Who can attend the Open Mornings and is there any cost involved? How many open mornings do you have?

We welcome all members plus one guest each unless of special circumstances as we see the open mornings as being a perk of the Club. Children are welcome once fully supervised. Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs. There is no cost to members to attend the yard and on open mornings we provide tea/coffee and breakfast rolls! We aim to have 3 or 4 open mornings per year and welcome members to the yard for private visits with prior arrangement.

How long has the club been running?

The Club has been going since July 2017 and so far we have had 6 winners and multiple places in this short space of time!

Any goals for the Club going forwards?

The long term aim for the Club is to increase the caliber of horses but our main goal is to provide members with the ultimate thrill of racehorse ownership and fun is very high on the agenda.

Do all members receive tickets every time the Club has a runner?

How many tickets are assigned to each runner vary hugely from racecourse to racecourse but most of the time we can accommodate all who ask – we also negotiate discounted tickets where possible if we have lots of members wishing to attend. There can be no guarantee of a ticket if we have many members wishing to attend but we always make sure they are distributed fairly. For this reason we can only provide members with tickets (not guests/friends & family)

What do club members do on arrival to the races?

Once you have collected your ticket (where you collect depends on individual racecourses – we will advise at declaration stage) at the time of the race you just head to the parade ring to meet with Olly or our representative and the jockey. After the race if we are lucky enough to win or be placed you all meet back in the winners enclosure or alternatively in the unsaddling area to hear the after race thoughts.

Can I go racing if the Club hasn’t allocated me a Ticket or if the racecourse has not offered a reduced rate? 

Of course you can. You can purchase a general admission ticket and then meet up with Club Members and enjoy your day! We cannot guarantee parade ring access for the race in which the Club has a runner but we will certainly do our best.

What happens if a Club horse is sold or is no longer able to race? 

The Club leases the horses and, as a result, members are not entitled to any money resulting from the sale of a Club horse. 

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