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LOOP has developed certain white labelled software applications and a platform which it makes available to Customers, via Apple AppStore, Google Play and the internet. The Customer’s company branded version of the mobile device application (App) developed is uploaded to the platform, making the App, it’s Services and parts of the platform available to end users. 

 This Cookies Policy applies to the official Customer mobile application (App) and should be read alongside the Privacy Policy which explains information about the Customer, the type of information that may be held about you and how it may be used. 

 The mobile device application (App) uses cookies. A cookie is a small file containing an identity code. With your consent, your device accepts the cookie and stores it. When you next visit the App, the code is retrieved, allowing an individual visitor or device to be recognised. 

 Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including providing personalised web pages and recognising your choice of language. Cookies do not cause harm to your device, but, if you wish to stop your computer accepting cookies, go to the help section of your internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox) where you will find information on how to do this.